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150th Post! (or is it?)

The only problem with confetti is sweeping it up after the party. Well, this post has me feeling like a janitor.  I wanted to do something special for this blogging milestone. However, the surprise backfired on me. If you subscribed to this site or follow it on social media, you may have wondered if I learned a new language this afternoon. I have not.

To mark the occasion, I wanted to spruce up the blog’s theme. Unfortunately, the “one-click solution” to merge the new template with my current one sent a barrage of demo posts out. I apologize for the inconvenience. I think I have all the confetti swept up at the site, but cannot recall the posts from your inbox. Please forgive me.

I think there is a life-lesson here. Those “one-step-solve-alls” usually don’t work. I should have transferred everything manually. You live. You learn.  So, when the confetti goes off prematurely, it kind of takes the pizazz out of the celebration. Again, I apologize for flooding your inbox demo posts. Also, rest assured there is nothing screwy going on. It was only a novice working on his WordPress site. Regardless, let me know if you like the new look of the blog in the comments below.

Well… Happy 150th or so post! Doesn’t have the nice a ring as I planned.  Oh, well I see you here tomorrow. Have you ever spoiled a surprise? I love to hear the story.

K.W. Bounds
K.W. Bounds

Kevin W. Bounds graduated summa cum laude from Lee University. A pastor and writer, he lives in South Georgia with his wife and two children.

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