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Hi, my name is Kevin Bounds. I’m a Christian minister, educator, and writer.

I live in South Georgia with my wife, Amber, and our two children.

Living in the Bible Belt, I grew up around the church. Although I professed faith in Christ in the third grade, I wasn’t grounded in my faith until I was 19.  About a year after rededicating my life to Jesus in December 2001, I accepted the call to pastoral ministry.

For almost sixteen years, I loved being Pastor Kevin. I loved serving the local church in the role of a shepherd. Nowadays I still get called Pastor Kevin occasionally, but most people I serve call me, Mr. Bounds. After receiving my B.S. in Bible and Theology in 2017, the Lord shifted me from pastoring a congregation to the teaching Bible and History in a Christian Secondary Education context.

 I’ve found that teaching allows me to focus on writing. Writing is something I’ve always done. I make no claims of greatness, but I’ve felt God would use my writing. Teaching also allows me to the ability to serve local churches as an itinerant minister.

If you’ve looked around here, you can tell I love the Bible, theology, history, and literature. This blog lets me explore the intersection of these different areas. Here you’ll find a meeting place for lovers of words and the Word. A common ground for those who love stories – both fiction and non-fiction – and the Author of all our stories, Jesus.

My aim is to post a new article every week. Plus, I send a newsletter on the first of the month concerning events, special offers, resources for Bible study and writing,  and other noteworthy things. So, if you don’t want to miss out on anything enter your email below to receive updates.

– Kevin

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