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Excuses Never = Dreams

At the moment, my brain is saying, “I’m tired, boss.” Over the last couple of days, my mind has put in some overtime. Not only me but all the teachers at Citizens Christian Academy are working on next year’s curriculum. However, a goal is a goal. Exhausted or not my brain is going to work a little more. I determined to deliver fresh content every single day in June. This post will be the 26th consecutive daily post.

So, what am I going to write about today? Honestly, I have been trying to think of a topic for over an hour.  I have been here before. Watching the blinking cursor taunt me from a blank page. It is at times like this I have to B-I-C. That’s stands for Butt-in-Chair and write.  It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile is, right?

Now, I think I know what I am supposed to write about today. Sometimes you have to grab those inklings in your thoughts and force them kicking and screaming on to the page (or screen). Writing is sweaty work. My shirt may be dry, but my mind is perspiring. But it’s in moments like these that form you as a writer, as a person.

Do I cower to the flashing cursor? Never! When you’re tempted to give in is when you have to revisit why you began the journey. I started this challenge to break the back of the excuse of not having enough time. I started this journey to force myself to focus on the craft of writing. I began this quest to silence the questions of self-doubt.  I must write until my words overtalk the inner critic. (He’s a nasty fellow.) I am pursuing this for the sake of falling in love with the process of putting words on a page.

From childhood, I have dreamed about being a prolific writer. This month, I am taking the first step in seizing the slippery aspiration of authorhood by the throat. I am a writer now. Lord willing, I will be a published author soon. Nevertheless, I will have fun chasing this dream.

Aha! I am at 366 words. Take that blinking cursor. With every keystroke, I am pushing against your resistance. You’re only making me stronger. My mind screamed,

“I’m tired.”

“You’ve worked hard enough today.”

“Take a day off. Nobody will notice.”

“It’s not like they’ll read it anyway.”

Butt in the chair and write. Push past the noise to a place where the words flow. It takes faith, perseverance, and in my case a little coffee to achieve anything noteworthy.

You may not be a writer, but I know you have a dream. An ambition that gnaws at you from the inside. Will it ever be a reality? That’s up to you. It may be as simple as getting healthier or as big as pursuing your dream job. DON’T let the excuses stop you. Say a prayer to Jesus and press forward. It will be worth it in the end.

You know my struggle now. Opening up about your goals is a vulnerable place, but it does bring with it a sense of accountability. What is your passion? Are you pursuing it? Why not? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Commenting and letting others in on your goal may be your first step in the pursuing your dreams. You never know.

That’s 590 words, cursor.

K.W. Bounds
K.W. Bounds

Kevin W. Bounds graduated summa cum laude from Lee University. A pastor and writer, he lives in South Georgia with his wife and two children.

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