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Fifteen Years Ago

It’s been fifteen years…fifteen years today. December 16, 2001, will forever be a day etched in my memory. A momentous day of departure but a day of glorious reunion too. It was on this day dry cheeks – hardened by life – were soaked with tears of conviction. Today, fifteen years ago, everything changed for me.

“What hinders you from serving God?” cried the preacher. The dross of my sin started to rise to the surface for my conscience to witness. Lust… greed… selfishness…drugs…promiscuity, one by one they floated to the surface.  I could not bear to see myself with the light on, so I retreated to the darkness, but the light followed.  Fifteen years ago, I could not escape any longer.

In the dimness of my departing car, the light began to illuminate everything. I had run long enough. Exhausted by the futile attempts to evade the brilliance of the ever-increasing light, I surrendered. Hidden from sight behind a church sign which read “Providence,” I was urged to exit the gloom of my car and walk to the light of an altar. Fifteen years ago, I found my way home.

Humbled by beckoning grace, Jesus embraced me fifteen years ago, with tender forgiveness and mercy. Although I trampled His name through the mire of the world, He reminded me of His invitation I accepted as a young child. A child of the day had stayed too long in the land of night. I was His. He walked with me even though in the past I turned from Him. He never forsook me. Fifteen years ago, He reminded me of His abounding love.

Within fifteen revolutions of the sun, I have witnessed the glory of God in jungles, jails, sidewalks, and sanctuaries. I am so grateful for all the wonderful works I have witnessed. Each day is an adventure into God’s story of redemption. However, December 16, 2001, will always be a special day for me. The amazing thing is it can be for you too. What hinders you from serving God? Fifteen years ago, this question was answered for me with a divine passionate pursuit that ended in my total surrender. Today, fifteen years ago, everything changed for me.






K.W. Bounds
K.W. Bounds

Kevin W. Bounds graduated summa cum laude from Lee University. A pastor and writer, he lives in South Georgia with his wife and two children.

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