Holiness Unto the Lord

HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD:  THE CONTRIBUTION OF LEVITICUS Introduction             What can the third book of Moses contribute to modern Christian theology? Often, this Old Testament book with its restrictions on eating shellfish and the mixing of fabrics is overlooked because these practices seem odd – even obsolete – for today’s believer. However, this sometimes-neglected … Continue reading Holiness Unto the Lord

A Dynamic Faith: A Glimpse at Salvation in James

Introduction             Is the Apostle James guilty of propagating a rogue soteriology of works? Many biblical scholars, especially since Reformation, have wrestled with the content of the epistle he penned to the twelve dispersed tribes centuries ago. Allen Cabaniss writes, “Because of Luther’s flippant remark that it was ‘an epistle of straw’ in comparison with … Continue reading A Dynamic Faith: A Glimpse at Salvation in James